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November 26, 2014, 07:03:02 AM

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 on: September 15, 2014, 08:21:59 PM 
Started by C H U C K - Last post by dijo

 on: September 13, 2014, 08:49:35 PM 
Started by andy - Last post by andy
Where can i find the footage??? just had to ask that first. i think what you're doing is amazing and more people should follow their dreams no matter how small. you're picking up tricks so fast its astonishing. i think you can do it, i really do based off of what you already have. for your balance, just try cruising a bit, rolling and carving. you'll get the hang of it. i'm definitly a fan and will be checking every day i can if you've made any progress. i just turned 18 and im a senior in high school. i get off really early because of that and i live pretty far so i have to wait

 on: September 13, 2014, 07:41:40 PM 
Started by Mick Underflip - Last post by Rev J
That is just "Altered Route" with different music and a crappy visual effect added over it. Sorry if that is a little harsh but that is one of my favorite parts and putting that visual over it kind of ruins it for me.

 on: September 11, 2014, 11:06:18 AM 
Started by andy - Last post by Mick Underflip
Where can i find the footage??? just had to ask that first. i think what you're doing is amazing and more people should follow their dreams no matter how small. you're picking up tricks so fast its astonishing. i think you can do it, i really do based off of what you already have. for your balance, just try cruising a bit, rolling and carving. you'll get the hang of it. i'm definitly a fan and will be checking every day i can if you've made any progress. i just turned 18 and im a senior in high school. i get off really early because of that and i live pretty far so i have to wait  til the end of the school day to get a ride home. so i always sit in the library for like three hours and lurk on thrasher. so glad i found your post. i'm definitly going to print it out and share. plese keep this up and i'll be rooting the whole way

 on: September 10, 2014, 07:50:55 PM 
Started by andy - Last post by andy
Hey guys, I've just hopped on a ramp for the 1st time..so I still really suck pretty bad, just wanted to get that outta the way.

The problem I'm having is falling back into the ramp instead of actually stalling. By my 3rd day on the mini I finally started getting the stalls are instant and very angled on the coping. I figured this was just a matter of time getting used to it and that'd be naturally getting up there in no time.  Well, here I am 2 full mini sesh's later and I still can't stall it. What happens is my trucks get square on top, and before I can hold the stall, my trucks slide fwd forcing me to turn back in.

I have posted  5 sec clip of me here so u can see what I mean. u can even click on my username and see the orig axle stall from the 1st day I learned them...(notice the lack of progression)

The very strange thing s if I come at an angle and do a 5050 on the coping, I can actually hold it out and get a decent grind.

I must note...I reallllly try to get up there, it seems like when experienced ppl ride, they don't even have to try and they just fly perfectly over the  coping everytime..

 on: September 10, 2014, 07:29:48 PM 
Started by andy - Last post by andy
I am 28 yrs old.  I have a life and career that, for the most part, I love.  I do not skateboard. err..didn't, I should say. I Have the next 7=8 wks off work due to sudden extenuating circumstances.  On sept 1st, I set out on a journey. What that journey is, I don't really know at this point. I think it has something to do with both enlightment and masochism..but I really can't be sure just yet. On that day, I bought a complete.

I have always loved skateboarding. As an artist myself, I really appreciate the self expression,,especially in a skaters footage.  I am probably 1 of the few ppl you will meet who haas been buying skate dvds(VHS) but had no personal investment in the sport itself.  I used to occasionally pickup 411 volumes in high school and jr high because I had a few skater friends even though I played traditional sports. I own a handful of classic vids such as photosynthesis, mwelcome to hell, the end, fulfill the dream, to name a few. I was always athletic as a kid. I had played 3 sports through high school (until I later quit sports altogether for music, but I digress). I ALWAYS wanted to skateboard so bad..but I literally couldn't. Like I wasn't allowed to, kinda thing. I always imagined I could've been a decent skater. I could pop an Ollie, albeit stationary, pretty fuggin' high I was told. I distinctly remember this because I remember my friends making fun of each other saying, 'even Rew  could ollie higher than you! haha

Long story short, I got 7-8 wks that I have decided I am going to put into full throttle, and literally push myself to my limits and hopefully gain a tiny, small crumb of what I missed out on and always wanted.  I

I started by picking up a new complete: toy machine deck 8.25, red bearings, 55mm wheels, Thunder trucks.

Because I was already knowledgeable about skating,  I knew what I was trying to do and had already sorta laid out my goals, as far as what I wanted to learn and where I really wanted to go with this thing. That said, its always been a fantasy of mine to simply be able to flow back and fourth on a mini ramp, with atleast enough coping tricks to keep a flow. I had never, ever stepped on any kind of mini or micro ramp half pipe in my life (in college, at some party I did drop in on a real shotty quarter pipe, like 4 or 5 ft maybe, as a dare, smart decision making wasn't going on..but again I digress). Sometimes when passing by a cement skatepark and I just see the older middle-aged dude by himself, just flowing around the park and I just think to myself, goddamn I wanna be that guy.' I dunno what it is. but that's that. A fairly straight forward goal..but no simple task as Im finding. Those older dudes just make it look so easy and I was hoping that my old man styatus would automatically default me to skate like that at the park..but alas, that's not the case. This is kinda the biggest and most meaningful goal to me..because when its time to get back to reality, it will be an amazing fucking thing if I was able to go to a skate park a few times a year when I have downtime...and to just be able to flow around the pipes and bowls..nothing fancy. Cool

Because I am already a fan of the sport, I already have favorite personal tricks. I would like to learn a slew of flatground tricks. Especially some of my personal favorites.  Before anyone can start, I've already had ppl lecture me that 'you need to learn tricks in a specific order,,, you can't try this trick yet unless you can do this trick blah blah blah cuz aaron kyro said so blah blah..  Look, I couldn't agree more with that. If I had bigger intentions, I would certainly take the time to properly master a craft. as a teacher of various subject matter, I really, really, get that....  but I just got a cpl months here..and what..I wanna fucking learn 90's hardflips and frontside flips that pop straight up and down and be poppem them on banks (my driveway) w/ a pair of windbreakers and a basketball jersey.

  My main flatground bangs I HOPE to get by the end of camp are: muska flip, backside flip, 360 flip or fakie, hardflip, big spin, backside half cab then also bigspins, and full backside cabs..but perhaps getting a bit unrealistic here

10 days in I have landed a kickflip, f/s shuv it, b/s shuv it, 180s both ways, and my b/s half cab, but they are NOTHING like the way I picture it  Tongue  I kinda landed a b/s variel flip (not really but on the nose kinda thing) just because I know I have to get that down before the tre flip. The hardflip is the #1 fflatground trick I want to learn. That said, yes I have landed a kickflip, but also frontside pop shuv its. Yesterday this lightbulb went in my leg muscles and I can f/s shuv almost everytime, more consistently than any other trick. I can even get the rotation on the hardflips once in awhile w/ the '1 footies ( back foot on the ground noncommittal) but I'm not that niave...I don't think I am anywhere close. but all I can say is..as far aa flatlanding goes...all is on schedule!

FINAL GOAL is simiply learning a few basic grinds on a small ledge. Would like to learn:
      50-50,  5-0, crooked grind and a f/s tail slide
  TBT,  I haven't really spent time on this yet. I'm trying to do this with an overall strategy hitting my weakest pts (clearly general balance on the board) head on 1st while trying to rely on  my coordination and athleticism.

I'll be doing a lil, on-going updates  on my day to day progress.  This is a long ass post but I have plenty more to say so hopefully you check it out and keep an eye on my progress, tell me I suck dogshit, whatever works.  Really, I'm just trying to document this because it is a somewhat unique endeavor given my background, and really also to convey how fucking hard and risky this sport is.. and to appreciate those who take the time to master it (themselves) face-on.

I am going all out (as much as I can at 28) trying to get in atleast 5 solid hours of skating a day. So far I've only missed a few due to rain and some initial leg/ knee soreness.  What really amazes me is the accessibility skatersdhaveinto the professionals minds just by youtubing some trick tips. literally all of my tricks Ive learned thus far have been carefully dissected, along with analysis of not just 1 skaters point of view on how to do a trick, but on several different ones. such a great and unique thing. case in point- f/s shuv its. someone broke it down to me of literally scooping it out in front of you w/ your backfoot (since usually the board would land bekind me when I tried them)....then it was just like, BAM, BAM BAM over and over again I'm landing them, doing the same thing each time. the 1st few times I actually landed them I would shoot the board out and fall, probably because my feet were so surprised to see a board under them..

Annnd that's that. This is my 1st post, so I'll be adding more stuff. Pls comment and let me know what u think about my outlandish, outta-nowhere attempt, to learn how to skate. I would also like to know if you think this is at all feasible to pull off, and if not, to which parts.

BIG NOTE- I NEED MY HANDS FOR MY CAREER. MY HANDS GO DOWN, I GO DOWN, LIFE GOES DOWN. In my vids I'll always be wearing these shitty lil  wrist guards I found at kids r us. In fact, if anyone could recommend a solid wrist guard, it'd be very very appreciated

NOTE 2- Would just like to make very clear that while I have picked up some tricks pretty quick, my balance is awful. when I try to do a trick on the flatground, I would say maybe 1-2 outta 5 I am actually properly set to make an attempt. In other words, 80% of the time I attempt a trick I completely muck or just fall  off (unless its f/s shuvs of course  Wink

I'll post footage of my goals so you know I'm not just talkin outta my asshole.   

Until next,


 on: September 10, 2014, 11:11:10 AM 
Started by Mick Underflip - Last post by Mick Underflip
i read his autobiography also, so good. kilian martin is just crazy. one of his skate edits is the music video to some kid cudi song and he does some ground breaking shit it in.

 on: September 08, 2014, 09:18:49 PM 
Started by elastic back - Last post by Ethan Hogan
some Boston area homies


 on: September 08, 2014, 09:17:05 PM 
Started by Ethan Hogan - Last post by Ethan Hogan
Here is the project I worked on this summer, enjoy.


some of you might remember https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWlOFWyaM5E


 on: September 07, 2014, 01:44:30 PM 
Started by Mikel Forke - Last post by dijo
Andrea Mitchell. "I'm Carson Daly and you are skaters." Edward Andrew Schultz. Celebrate a sequester. The filibuster is a celebration. "Mom," and dads are a threat. About 471,000 results: "the sequester." About 59,900 results, "a sequester."

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