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October 24, 2014, 12:00:43 AM

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 on: September 27, 2014, 02:18:06 PM 
Started by GBG - Last post by GBG

 on: September 27, 2014, 09:05:27 AM 
Started by Joey Raymundo - Last post by Joey Raymundo
I'm 29 and I'm learning how to skate. Yeah I know its kinda old to start skating but I'm not doing this to get sponsored or anything like that. I'm doing this because it's just something I've been wanting to do. I'm just doing this for myself. I go to the skate park close to my place. I skate from about 7 am till around 1 pm or until the people who really skate start to show up. I leave when people show up cause I dont really feel like embarassing myself. Though now I'm having thoughts of just going and fuck it if I embarass myself. I mean I wont learn if I dont practice right? What are all your thoughts on this? You guys think I'm too old to learn? Or should I be like "fuck it, dont really care what anyone thinks"?

 on: September 25, 2014, 08:36:25 PM 
Started by andy - Last post by andy
Hey guys, just wanted to say thanks for your support, and not beating up on a 28 yr old dude trying to finally play out some of the skate fulfilled fantasies in my head Smiley

It is 25 days in, just a bit less than half way through and....well, I wasn't sure at all how I was going to feel even at this pt in time. I am truly humbled by some of the talents I've come across and have humbled myself by dedicating the main portion of my day just for the HOPES of learning the tricks these kids make seem menial. So much talent, and so much passion being channeled in a positive light is what I feel when I'm around some of these guys. Just like music became for me-which is now the reason I can survive, eat, etc-- These kids are putting in the same soul. And whether they end up going somewhere with it, or just applying the passion they developed from it to a next walk of life is a beautiful thing.

I will continue my progr4ss and you can follow my continued blog by clicking this link.   

This will be my last post  in this topic but I encourage you to keep following.  I was lucky enough to run into Dylan Witkin's (up and coming skater, check em out if you haven't already)  older brother whose employed by goskate.com   We got to talking, as he noticed my intensity for learning was a not ormal lol. Once I told him what I was trying to do, he asked me to show what ive got so far.  When I did a kick flip and a few others, he asked if I could heelflip.  Well, I said no, cuz I had never tried one. told me I could and to try and I just mucked. told him I was scared of getting nutted and I didn't wanna learn this trick..long story short, he made me keep trying despite the scared nuts and I landed a perfect 'bolts' 3rd try.
 he said 'told ya so' and actually  offered to take me under his wing at no charge..which was just super incredible of him to do and offer. Anybody in the Chicago area looking for lessons I highly recommend. I got him landing a kickflip backside tailslide on a rail 3rd try, 1st try while cm recording.   

but for real,

month 2 I'm GONNA FUCK SHIT UP.   Shocked


 on: September 25, 2014, 06:10:13 PM 
Started by Nick - Last post by Nick
Complete with sick new layout

 on: September 24, 2014, 10:58:07 AM 
Started by polly@bbt - Last post by Keegan Phillips

How has this not been posted yet?

 on: September 23, 2014, 08:34:56 AM 
Started by andy - Last post by andy

Yesterday was probably a 7/10...

This is because the 1st 2 spots I went to were....uhmm, not there,,

Awesome things:L road my 1st bowl! Was GREAT.  Obviiously I just stayed within the bowl and whipped around, but I did manage to splash the coping a cpl times.  Whatsd even better? This fixed my weight shifting 'axke stall' issue once I went back to the mini ramp.  Tyrns out the solution was...you guessed.. BALANCE and fluidity (and bending my fuckingknees more when I drop in..no one told me this, but this helped more than anything.. Bowl improved everything, and now I need to start incorporating that into my riding. ony problem is its 45 min away.

- I landed my 1st 50-50 on a small ledge. I am 22 days in, and I was certainly hoping to be a little further along..but I feel its starting to all tie together a little more. On  the other hand, im healthy, and haven't given up.  ( I debated puttingmy 1st 5050 footage because its so lame..but hey, this is what its about.  I basically am goignt ostart leaving my phone recording the entire time I skate...

BEST part? not too sore to skate today Smiley

PS: I met somebody yesterday who really seemed to be into what I was doing..may be getting some extra help soon if all goes well Smiley

time to get ready to skate,


 on: September 23, 2014, 07:46:02 AM 
Started by dirtmongrel - Last post by dijo
Wayampi_win. Threedoubleu dude degrade fuck the One hanshalton troisdoublev oy. "J'ai trois e," no_bullet can stop us now, "entreprise." Junior.

 on: September 22, 2014, 06:29:37 PM 
Started by huarui - Last post by huarui
city found beneath cambodian jungle

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 on: September 22, 2014, 06:28:56 PM 
Started by huarui - Last post by huarui
chilean miners rally to beat the odds again

The gold jersey will be worn with blue shorts and socks with gold trim when it Nfl jerseys china debuts Saturday. The white jersey will be worn with white or blue shorts with white socks that are trimmed in the other colors of the uniform. Uniform," said Wambach, who along with 20 year team veteran Kristine Lilly and defender Cat Whitehill were the emcees of the event.

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The most heated debate in recent weeks about the composition of the Indian team for the World Cup has been who among Virat Kohli and Suresh Raina will make the final XI. MS Dhoni gave the first clear indication of the Indian team's decision when he said, after the warm up match against New Zealand, that the in form Kohli is likely to play at No. 4 in the opening match against Bangladesh.

 on: September 22, 2014, 06:28:12 PM 
Started by huarui - Last post by huarui
chara's record shot highlights all

All MLS games are broadcast somewhere, though many are not viewed anywhere. Drawing Germany, Portugal and Ghana. Incidentally, there is a culinary "Group of Death" within our borders in a one mile stretch of Lenwood, California, off Interstate 15, there is an Arby's, Subway, Chili's, Baja Fresh, Denny's, IHOP, Del Taco, Carl's Jr., Godfather Pizza, El Pollo Loco, Cheap authentic jerseys Panda Express and Jack in the Box.

They come in a wide variety of fabric choices. That's why they are sometimes called fabric shades. Roman shades offer the luxury of a drape with the easy operation of a shade.. Although helmet therapy NFL jerseys cheap is expected to give slightly better results in the short term, we hypothesised that the natural course of skull deformation would catch up with the effects of helmet therapy over time and that no clinically meaningful differences would be present between Cheap nfl jerseys the two groups at 2 years of age.MethodsStudy designThe HEADS study is a two armed pragmatic randomised controlled trial nested in a prospective cohort study (fig 1). The follow up study was designed to catch all infants eligible for helmet therapy after a period of paediatric physiotherapy or a single consultation. We invited the parents of eligible infants with moderate to severe skull deformation to include their child in the study at 5 months of age.

"Fever Pitch" (1999). This film is a romantic comedy starring Colin Firth as Paul Ashworth, a diehard Arsenal fan and school teacher who also coaches the school's soccer team. The film does a great job showing the emotional range and obsessions of fans who live and die by the results of their team's games.

I not flying home until Tuesday so it is also nice to not have to check out and get packed up tomorrow. I can relax and watch the elite men race and then pack my bikes in the evening. Most people are leaving on Sunday but Christine and Jonas will be here so I connect with them for supper. This was a tough choice, and I honestly did not want to pick Doc; but I had to give the guy some props. Halladay not only pitched a perfect game, but he also pitched the first postseason no hitter since Don Larsen did it in 1956. Doc threw two no hitter's in a season since Nolan Ryan did it in 1973.

Fiberglass locking hinges prevent the skis from folding up or flexing too much as you maneuver. The skis weigh eight pounds per pair, support up to 250 pounds, and fit women 5 to Authentic jerseys wholesale men 13 feet. Skis $750, with backpack $795. Along with trophies and plaques from sports referee associations across the state, Scarsella has another honor to add to his collection. How many years have you been refereeing soccer in Needham?I will be starting my 45th season this spring. I have done youth, high school, college and adults semi pro and professional all over New England.

Everyone should be assigned a role and they each need to Cheap authentic nfl jerseys follow it. Shoaib needs to bowl with discipline and accuracy just the way he did in 1999, every ball on the stumps mixed with frequent yorkers. Back then, his in swinging yorkers were deadly and unplayable, let's hope he remembers them. The bankruptcy was followed by a second embarrassment for, the collapse of. The German media group owned the worldwide TV rights to the 2002 and 2006 tournaments, which were switched to a Swiss subsidiary only days before the company filed for bankruptcy. said this has saved the rights, and he's now negotiating to resell them to the European Broadcasting Union.

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