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Downhill to Deathwish

Big day, big day. It all started in San Pedro for Beardo's big downhillin' festival.

Posted: April 1, 2013

I feel thirsty all of a sudden, for some reason.


Bring your cat, if you got one.

The thrill of gravity.

A flood of familiar faces.

Your ollie? Fuck yo ollie.

Radical embuttment and the downhilling press.


Babes, everywhere.


And over on the traditional course, a soty in the mix ...

Mr Harris himself!

Lil' multigenerational cat n mouse.

Just wait 'til the rest of his donut grows in, Mr Harris!

Let's say you're more of a fan of the street style ...

Got you covered!



Young Riley caught enough air for all of us.


Red oops a sweep.

Who's this masked rider?


To D.

Precision deck work.

Pounding the half of pipe!


'Yep, they're on skateboards alright. Investigation complete ...'

Wear an outfit, if you got one.

Local biz, representing.

Oh Iggy, will you ever win?

Our guy!

All said, a bizarre and awesome event.

And we were there!

Thirty minutes and $22 later ...

Borden plops with authority.

Header in the shallow.

He was fine. Just a light bonker.

Al Fakher grabbin' a piece.

Made in the shade, Trifewise.

Classic D.

'Just so you know, Delgado already did that line ...'

Hit it and quit it. It was hella glarey back there.

Decompressing at the La Quinta.

Out front. Anticipation aching like a full bladder on a long car ride.

The stars arrive.

Yes, Furby did kill it. Holy shit.

Kirby of the Shep Dawgs. The best.

Dee and Dickson

There he is.

The cute Hagers.

Tincture prep.

Jesus gave this to us.

Our Elsinore bros, lookin' sharp as usual.

'So what's your favorite type of pizza? '

Snargle, snargle.

Liz and the Shaman

Dan Rogers, always physical.

He seemed a little on edge. Just the jitters I reckon.

Elder statesman of the streets.

The O'Side OZ connection

Longhairs, everywhere.

More sotys. Wouldn't be the last.

Brian Hansen, damn glad to meet you.

Jehon's fade was there.

East Coast Pat!

The Dancer!

Of where do I remember thee from ???

One hint.

There it is.

Eric and Neen, ready to rage!

The Dickson family - proud as punch.

Squeezin' past the Lix

Former roommates. Which one had the worst sponsor? And don't just say Two Fish - 'cause that's the easiest!

The Mez and the Mehr, screaming for stoke.

Almost there

Founding fathers of Drunk

J Bone and crew holding down the badge barge.


Greco and Lewandowski, partners in fisheye.

Legends of sheboardery

Even at this own premier he gets hassled. Jeezus!


Lensmen of East

SD stalwarts

The Mooses!!!!

Finally made it into the theater. Everybody remember Tony Da Silva?

Mullen sits, apparition-like.

A lil' Q&A with the Mutt, no big deal.

They really seem to enjoy each other's company.


Don't let that guy in the middle take his shirt off ...

Speech! Speech!

Thanks and shout outs. Very gracious.

The team!

A then the special surprise ...


As social micro-media already told you, Dickson got turned pro. He seemed a tad overwhelmed.

Maybe even a little in denial.

Sooner or later he accepted his fate.

That's right. It's all yours.

It finally sunk in, I think.

Then Jake gave a special tribute to Jim and the video finally began. It really is a great one. Nice work, Deathwishers! Congrats, Jon! Thanks for letting me be a part of it, everybody!

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